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We are based in Brussels, Belgium, and we provide high-quality roofing installation and construction services, repair and maintenance at budget friendly prices.

Roof Construction in Belgium

BE-Handyman can undertake any commercial roofing job. We have years of expertise addressing the commercial roof repair needs of Brussels and Belgium. With our commercial services, we can meet all of your business’s roofing needs, whether it’s roof maintenance, roof repairs, or full-service commercial roofing installation. We are an unrestricted, commercially licensed, bonded, and insured contractor. Our qualifications go beyond the minimum required by the country; we are also qualified commercial roofing contractors from the industry’s major roofing manufacturers.

BE-Handyman distinguishes itself from the competition via in-house training, industry-leading safety standards, and the use of top roofing equipment in our projects. These enable us to give the best quality roof installation, adhere to the most recent legislation, and provide a thorough overview of the whole installation. We are convinced that Total Satisfaction will be given every time a member of the team total is on a project.

thatched roof

Thatched roof

A complete line of rustic-looking synthetic thatch roofing materials will inspire you to create new outdoor spaces. Genuine PE, nylon, and  aluminum alloy as materials will assure the longevity of our fake thatch roofing. Durability, ease of installation, and lack of maintenance will make synthetic thatch roof cost effective for park, seaside resort hotel, or backyard project owners in the long run.

BE-Handyman has been installing synthetic thatch for years and is one of the few synthetic thatch roofing contractors in Brussels. Throughout Belgium, our work may be found on historic residences, private estates, and commercial premises. We employ synthetic goods that resemble the classic appearance of reeds or straw but last longer and require less upkeep.

Flat Roof

There are several advantages to installing a flat roofing system on your property. For starters, flat roofs are far less expensive than many other possibilities. Single-ply shingles and slope roofs require a lot more work to maintain curb appeal. Additionally, labor expenses are reduced since there is less danger involved. Finally, flat roof systems are less vulnerable to damage than pitched roofs. Because of this slope, they are easier to maintain over time.
Aside from being cost-effective, low-slope roofs are also astonishingly simple to construct and maintain. Because roofers can easily climb on top of your property, certain flat roof repair work can be done in less than a day. Flat roofs are also concerned with energy efficiency and can give residences with an outdoor space on top of the roof.

Flat roof

In and around Brussels, Belgium, we provide roofing services. Our roofing technicians have extensive experience in roof repair, replacement, and new roof construction at affordable prices.


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